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That longing to escape the everyday, to visit those destinations you can only imagine...

By painting these collections of artworks and sharing a brief story of how they came about, I hope to share my perspective and joy with others who have a passion for those far off lands.


I always get butterflies, a shortness of breath, and that feeling of anticipation and excitement knowing I am about to experience or see something for the first time. Every day a new opportunity to capture an image - soon to be an artwork.


I have always loved to create! A vivid imagination, plus a piece of paper and a pencil meant I was good to go.

My love of art continued after my formal education concluded. Needing to scratch that itch to be creative, I pursued employment in an industry that needed artist ability. And so began a lifelong creative career.

I have worked for the last 35 years as a Traditional Brush Sign Writer and in the last decade as a Graphic Designer and Wide Format Digital Printer. I love working with computers and machinery but I wanted to return to more organic natural artwork.

In 2011, after 18 months of working on a portfolio of artwork, I held my first solo art exhibition. This was a great success and led to working on commission pieces for new friends and clients. This experience was the catalyst to continue to paint in my spare time and to seriously consider turning my love of art into a business where I was able to share my passion of all things exotic to a wider audience. 


Although I still work digitally during the day, getting messy with paints and charcoal sticks after hours is my true love and why Lotus and Lilly Designs was born



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