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That longing to escape the every day, to visit those destinations you can only imagine...

I'm Danielle Brown.
The Owner, Creative Director, and Artist of Lotus and Lilly Designs.

I don't know about you, but I love to travel.
Those rare occasions allow me to document unforgettable moments and locations. 

I aim to provide or create art that you will want to enjoy every day - inspired by those places we long to visit or have travelled to already.

My husband and I, family and friends all travel together to exotic destinations when we can. 

Living in Australia, we have so many exotic destinations at our fingertips. Australia though is just the tip of the iceberg, and we enjoy travelling all over this wide world of ours.

I like to think I'm a storyteller. I capture snapshots in time, creating or reliving a moment, a feeling, remembering a smell, all of which transport you.
My paintings are my way of sharing my perspective and joy with others who have a passion for those far-off lands.

I have always loved to create! A vivid imagination, plus a piece of paper and a pencil meant I was good to go. My love of art continued after my formal education concluded.
Needing to scratch that itch to be creative, I pursued employment in an industry that needed artistic ability.

Thirty-six years of painting experience as a Traditional Brush Signwriter, a Professional Artist, and industry experience as a Graphic Designer and Wide Format Digital Printer has led me finally here.

I hope you enjoy my collections.

Danielle Brown Artist with the Flower Hmong painting
Danielle Brown Artist sketching David prima della battaglia
Danielle Brown Artist at Mykonos


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