Eco-friendly, sustainable, good for the environment! 
Reduce waste, save the trees.
Your gift wrapping will be much more fun and so beautiful too.
Luxurious, silky to touch and super strong fabrics, exclusive to and designed by our textile designer Danielle at Lotus and Lilly Designs.
Transform your gifts into something truly next level.
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What is Furoshiki?
Furoshiki is a square piece of fabric and used by gift-givers around the world as an
environmentally-friendly way to wrap gifts. Not only beautiful, these wraps can be used
over and over again.
They are a gift within a gift. Buy two or more and spread the love. Gift them to family members and rotate them within your family for all occasions. They are the gift that keeps on giving.

In Japan, where Furoshiki originated these fabrics are traditionally handed down from
generation to generation.
Not only that, the fabrics are also utilised as a way of carrying items, or as a slingbag over your shoulder, transporting perhaps a special bottle of wine to a party as a house warming present, wearing as a Bandana or neck scarf. The uses really are endless.

We also offer fabulous customised printable Gift Tags that are matchy matchy with our
Furoshiki Wrapping Fabrics. Simply purchase and download.

*Be sure to watch our video tutorials on a few ways to wrap your gorgeous fabrics. 


'Google Review'


Jenny B - Furoshiki
February 2021

"I ordered a furoshiki wrap from Danielle because I am very interested in reducing waste but still love to give beautifully wrapped gifts . Furoshiki is not only sustainable but these ones are absolutely stunning; the colours are vibrant and the fabric is of good quality that will last for years and will be much loved in our family."