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Let's talk about purchasing Art.

Updated: Mar 8

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke” – Jerzy Kosinski.

I probably consider myself a nostalgia or memory Artist. Perhaps a storyteller?

When I paint, the subject matter is usually a depiction of a memory, a moment in time. Like the cool salty spray of seawater on your legs and the pull and push of the waves.

The smells drifting out from an incense shop down the side street in Hoi An. The intense heat of the day, as it slowly ebbs away, while you sit idly at an outdoor café, sipping the icy cold local beer of that destination.

Each memory takes on a life of its own with each day we experience.

Some memories stay with us and stand out so much and the need to capture them is so strong, that you must get it down on paper, in a blog, or in my case an artwork.

Photo of Portofino in Italy, 2019.
Portofino, Italy. Inspiration for some of my artworks.

Pictured is the photo I took from the hilltop, looking down into the port of Portofino in Italy, in the summer of 2019. This image just had to be captured.

My painting named quite aptly "Estate in Paradiso" translates to summer in paradise and is so perfect a description of the time spent there. A holiday my family and friends will never forget, now immortalised in an artwork.

Each artwork starts with an idea or memory.

They tend to pop into my head when I least expect it!

Sitting at my desk working on another piece or when I'm driving along minding my own business, I'll see something or somewhere and it will trigger a memory or feeling for another painting!

From there, I find reference images for colour palettes and compositions, which I use to create thumbnail sketches before beginning a final sketch.

I have all my holiday photos on my computer desktop and rotate them as screensavers. It keeps those memories fresh in my mind.

As each one rolls across, it instantly takes me back.

When you purchase art, what kind of art consumer are you?

Do you connect with an artwork, or just grab anything that looks pretty?

Art is a funny thing, isn't it?

If you've spent any time looking at art, you've probably noticed that art can make you feel different things.

It can be dark, it can be light-hearted, it can be nostalgic—it depends on the art and on the person, who is looking at it.

Some people connect with it on a deep level. It's part of their identity. It reflects who they are, what they're thinking, or what they've experienced.

Other people just think things look pretty. They might love the colour or vibe of a particular piece of art, but it doesn't go deeper than that.

And that's okay! Art can be purely aesthetic and bring you joy without saying anything about your inner life.

We all connect with some art, and some we don't.

Have you ever seen a painting and felt like the artist had painted it exactly for you? How about seeing a painting that made your heart skip a beat and your jaw drop?

I have been extremely lucky to have had several of my original master artworks from my online collections and my solo exhibition artworks, purchased by clients, who expressed those feelings to me.

How the painting connected with them on another level. What joy that brings to me as an Artist.

There's one thing that great artwork isn't: disposable.

Art is something we want to embrace, hold onto and keep around us. It's a friend, a family member—someone you look forward to seeing every single day.

And if you're going to put something on your wall that you're going to live with for years and years (maybe even decades), shouldn't you feel like the choice was wholehearted?

When you purchase art, shouldn't it resonate with who you are?

Art isn't for everyone. Some people collect it to match their interior design, others buy it because it speaks to them.

No matter your reason for purchasing art, you want to invest in something you will enjoy for years to come.

Although my artwork is usually inspired by exotic destinations, it speaks to many other people who share my love for ancient architecture and art, the beauty of nature and her creatures, and the artists whose work has stood the test of time.

Lotus and Lilly Designs collections highlight some of the most beautiful places on earth with their ancient art, stunning flora and fauna, and colourful local people.

If you are looking for a new friend to hang out with on your wall for years to come, then I hope our friendship will last long after your purchase.

I think that's one of the reasons I feel so inspired when I create artwork from exotic destinations.

When I see a place, it's like seeing a new friend—and the minute I get back home, I just have to share it with everyone I know.

I'm so glad you stopped by. I invite you to stop, pause a while, and read the back story of my artworks.

I hope you find something that speaks to you, will brighten your home and create a mood, or maybe spark a new passion for art, art history, or an interest to travel to exotic destinations.

Please take your time and check out my collections!

If you have any questions or comments, pop them below. I am looking forward to chatting.

Click on the links here to view artworks.

Travel Art - Prints - Originals

Mixed media - Canvas

Thanks for reading.

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Any questions, comments or feedback pop your comments below.

As always, talk again soon.

Danielle x

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18 sept 2023
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I'm a big lover of bright and bold art, so I just love your abstracts. They are full of movement and with the little bits of gold on them, they are really pretty.

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18 sept 2023
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Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I intend to do more abstracts and if you love metallics, these should be just perfect for you. :D

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