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Danielle Brown...going from worker to Boss Babe! My first editorial piece.

Updated: Mar 8

International Women's Day editorial piece 2023.

Photo of online newspaper editorial piece.
Editorial piece for International Women's Day 2023

In the much pressure?

What the heck...if someone had told me three years ago that my art business would be featured in a editorial piece for International Women's Day, I would have just laughed.

As the founder, owner and artistic director of my own business, I now put my hands up and give myself a high five to celebrate this achievement.

February 2020 I'm now fully committed, let's get this show on the road!

At the tender age of 53 and with kids off and married or well immersed in their own careers, it was high time to do something for me.

As mothers, wives and partners, we usually put ourselves to the back and support, nurture, encourage and applaud our loved ones when they achieve and live their dreams.

And I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I'm incredibly proud of my kids and husband and where they are today.

In this day and age, there really is no reason to stay in the background though.

To shine bright, to satisfy and fulfil those dreams, just like everyone else.

I am just one of the millions of women across the globe chasing and achieving a life that is enriching and so satisfying.

We are creators of our own journey.

Let's be honest here, the cold hard facts are, you have to work really, really hard at it, and not all will be successful.

To think, less than 12 months ago in my previous life, I worked 4 days a week as a qualified Sign Writer, Graphic Designer, Wide Format Digital Printer.

Some would ask, why give up a job that is 4 days only to work a business that takes all your time and energy?

Because I was stagnating, I was incredibly frustrated and my time was spent working hard for someone else's lifestyle and recognition.

And for absolutely no thanks.

(I was also finding it very difficult to build a start up business successfully on my days off each week).

I decided to take my 38 years of creative experience and transition to full-time business owner, to build something for myself, that I could be proud of, that was all mine.

A business based on two of my passions, Art and Travel.

A match made in heaven for me...and a dream business, that I was into 100%.

No business succeeds with No effort!

Building my business over the last few years from the ground up has been a labour of love, with many sleepless nights, 24 hours, 6 - 7 days a week.

But I was incensed...and driven to succeed.

If that fire is lit and you want it badly enough, all that effort will be worth it. Every...little...bit!

And if by chance it doesn't all turn out in the end, you have at least given it a red hot go. There will be no regrets or wishing you had at least tried, 5 years down the track.

Who knows where my journey will lead? For now, I am basking in the glow of growing as a person, building something that makes me incredibly happy, despite the hard work.

And the knowledge that I can make a difference in my life, my family and my beautiful clients and customers through success with my art.

Want to read my article and first in the press editorial piece in the Mackay and Whitsunday Life Newspaper?

If you have any questions or just want to pop a comment below, please feel free. If you are a woman in business and want to share your journey, I'd love to chat.

Warm wishes,



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Sep 18, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

How exciting and really well deserved Danielle.😁

Unknown member
Sep 18, 2023
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Aww thank you so much. It was super nerve racking having myself and my business out there for the world to see, but I must admit to being a little bit proud. :D


Apr 04, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


Unknown member
Aug 08, 2023
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