"If you are looking for a unique artwork piece for your home, look no further than Lotus & Lilly Designs. Danielle is amazing and very talented with what she creates.
Danielle had all the options to suit any budget and helped with recommendations with what materials would be added to the canvas. Seeing our piece at the end in person was truly spectacular. We now have a unique art design in our home that was personalised to us with all the finer details handcrafted by someone truly talented and passionate.This won’t be the only piece for us, we will be definitely getting a couple more after the seamless experience we had. Thank you so very much!"


Jade and Miranda
Custom/Bespoke order
"Araceae Belleza"


This is my favourite piece by Danielle.

To say ‘I love it’ is an understatement. Danielle painted ‘Boab’ and when I saw it I knew I had to have it. It represents so much about life to me and reminds me there’s so much beneath the surface of what we see. I move it around my house often and it has blessed almost every room. I highly recommend this lady. Her art is a pure reflection of what a beautiful person she is.
Thankyou again Dani for my ‘Boab’

Leah Smith
Owner - Expensive Taste Equine


"We were looking for a piece of art to put in our entrance way and Danielle had the perfect piece for us!

We get so many compliments about it.
This piece caught our eye and we fell in love with it immediately.
We can’t thank Danielle enough for our painting and will certainly be getting more amazing paintings from her.
Thank you so much Danielle".

Shannon Garnham