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Focusing on capturing the "Feeling of Travel" versus just clothing  and art with travel motifs. 

Explore the Collections and be transported.

Adventurous, Artistic, Creative, Free-Spirited, Inspired, Nonconformist, Passionate, Stylish, Visionary, Wanderlust

Individuality - Unique Pieces, Personal Flair,
"Embracing One's True Self!" 

Be sure to read the Blog Post
'Wearable art and why it's great to show your individual style.

The inspiration and desire to create unique textiles.


All wearable art products are created with care, thought and passion reflecting the stories and memories from exotic destinations.
I understand it is not a "One-Size-Fits-All" and everyone deserves to have wearable art clothing that reflects their personality. 

Would you like to tell your own story?

Custom Orders are made to your request.

Come and explore the world of wearable art with me today, and let me help you find something special.

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