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Artist, Graphic & Textile Designer

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About the Artist: Text

Hello, I'm Danielle, Founder, Owner and Creative of Lotus and Lilly Designs.

An Australian Artist, Graphic and Textile Designer, who wants to...

"Inspire wanderlust and bring exotic travel destinations to life through wearable art clothing. That transports the spirit while expressing individual style." 

My background:

I'm originally from Melbourne and now live in Queensland, close to the gorgeous Whitsunday Coast.

With a fascination and obsession for devouring beautiful art books and pouring over National Geographic magazines, it is little wonder I grew to be an Artist with a passion for travel.

I have always been an Artist:

Creativity has always been a major part of me. When did I first put pencil to paper? I'm not entirely sure, but certainly as a young child I loved to design and draw pictures of beautiful things surrounding me.


This creativity continued throughout my schooling and to further education and then my career, working in creative industries for nearly 40 years.

My working career gave me the confidence to pursue more creative endeavours:

My working career started as a traditional brush sign writer, and as technology advanced my role as a sign writer evolved into graphic design then to wide format/large scale digital printing. 

The catalyst to becoming a Travel Artist:

With a desire to travel, I save and budget to do just that. This has given me opportunities to visit some beautiful destinations, and it was while on holidays in Athens, Greece that I had an epiphany.

An emotional moment that excited me so much, that I knew just what type of Artist and Designer I wanted to be.

In 2020 I started to build and turn that dream into reality and launched Lotus and Lilly Designs. 

"Each piece of wearable art is directly inspired by my own memories, adventures, and personal snapshots that I experienced while travelling. 

I do not have to rely on common cultural cliches like other brands.  I offer customers totally unique pieces that let them experience the beauty and culture of far-flung places few get to visit."

My Brand Purpose:

"I want to inspire your sense of adventure and cultural curiosity through artistically designed clothing and accessories. I'm committed to travellers and art enthusiasts by delivering quality, wearable art using fabrics and textiles that will last the test of time, so you can showcase your love of travel while expressing your personal style. 

I work with local textile printers and international manufacturers to bring my unique designs to life as wearable art clothing inspired by exotic destinations, so you can embrace your adventurous spirit."

Brand Vision:

Bringing the beauty, culture, and spirit of exotic destinations to people everywhere through wearable art that inspires wanderlust and connection across cultures. My goal is to foster appreciation for the diversity of our world by sharing the stories and artistry of global cultures through fashion that transports the wearer. 

An inclusive, cosmopolitan community connected by a shared love of travel, art, and adventure.  

Danielle Lilly Brown


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Check out - "The pivotal moment when I decided to create Travel Art." 

Australian Artist Danielle Brown at Mykonos 2019
Danielle Brown, Marseilles 2019__edited.

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