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Furoshiki techniques.
See the videos below for a few quick tutorials on how to wrap your
sustainable and beautiful Furoshiki wrap fabrics.

* Note you may need to refresh the page if playing each video straight after the other

Furoshiki Video: Text

Bottle - Bin Tsutsumi
This wrap can have a single knot at the top or double knot for carrying.
Personal favourite!

Furoshiki Video: Video

Cube shape - Yotsu Musubi
Double knots on the top.

Furoshiki Video: Video

Rectangle shape - Kousa Tsutsumi
Single knot either end.

Furoshiki Video: Video

Square shape - Otsukai Tsutsumi
Single knot on top (this is my version with a front fold for decoration)

Furoshiki Video: Video

Have you read the Blog Post
'What is Furoshiki Wrapping Fabric?"

It explains why I love the origin, history and the benefits of these textiles.

All videos remain the property of Australian Artist Danielle Brown
Please contact if you wish to share or use the videos.

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