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Kyoto was all it promised to be.

Updated: Mar 12

Why Australian Travel Artist Danielle fell in love.

“Around every corner there are hints of Old Japan."  

"Walking down back alleyways, and peeking out from behind Noren, (door curtains), there are views of delightful courtyards, with Japanese Maples sitting amongst the snow drifts that have managed to venture into this inner sanctum.  

Hibernating, bare of leaves in the winter, though still elegant, with promises of a stunning and vibrant display of red leaves once Spring arrives, these Japanese Maples have been lovingly hand pruned into beautiful shapes that will once again bring so much joy to the viewer. 

Strategically placed rocks and a small pond, bamboo dipper and ladle complete the setting, and I feel as though I have been transported back in time to another century."

I’m in no rush to leave this vision in front of me and that feeling of peacefulness I am longing to hang on to.” 

View into a Japanese courtyard in winter with snow on the plants and ground.
Japanese Courtyard in winter.


These were my thoughts and now special memories, when exploring my neighbourhood in Kyoto.

It is a city full of surprises.

From the modern city centre full of shopping complexes, office buildings and bustling train stations to majestic bamboo forests and rural settings, through to the very traditional Geisha District in Gion. 

I always knew I would fall in love with this city, just not this hard. 

We stayed in what I would call the perfect location. Close enough to the city centre for the bus and train stations, and great shopping complexes, and then a quick walk across the Kamo River to Gion. 

Right outside our doorway was the delightful Takase River which was only a few metres across, full of fast flowing water and running parallel to our street Kiyamachi_dori.

The whole street is lined with Cherry Blossom trees which although bare in winter were still amazing to see in this traditional setting.  

At night, the whole street is lit up from beautiful fairy lights and all the buildings surrounding this area. It is magical. 

View at night of the Takase River, Kyoto.
Takase River, Kyoto

Restaurants and bars run up and down this street, with tiny hidden entrances off the main street leading into fantastic back alleyways, which also house more eateries and tea houses.

I just loved this area, as it was a great introduction to the more traditional areas across the river in Gion. 

Everywhere I looked was inspiration.

The colours of the buildings, shop window displays full of gorgeous artworks and bolts of Kimono cloth, very old timber architecture alongside fabulous modern skyscrapers. 

I honestly can’t remember how many photos I took of Kimonos.

Either being worn, for sale, for hire, in shops or ceremonies...not enough.

We managed to view a couple dressed in Kimono on their way to their wedding ceremony which was lovely. And two Geisha leaving their Okiya along Shinbashi-dori, near the famous Tatsumi Bridge one evening wearing their Kimono and heading out for the night.

 The fabrics, either modern or more traditional silk are just amazing, and I take my hat off to the artisans and artists of old and new creating these wonderful products. 

Kyoto was a delight for the senses and the motivation and inspiration for my first Japanese Series simply named “Geisha”. 

Did you enjoy this quick trip to Kyoto, my memories and inspiration?

Make sure to click on the links to see just why I fell in love with this particular part of Kyoto. You'll see beautiful images and information for each link that will show you how wonderful this city is.

Have you been to Kyoto? I'd love to hear of your experience. Feel free to drop your thoughts and comments below.

The Kyoto inspired Geisha Series will be available soon as limited edition, Wearable Art products and accessories.

Head over to the Japan Series main page here to get a glimpse of what is to come!

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I've many more stories to tell about my recent holiday to Japan, but they are for another day.

Keep checking in and visiting for more of "My Travel Adventures and regular blogs here.

Hope to see you soon.





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Mar 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.



Mar 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

No wonder you were inspired! What a beautiful city.😊

Unknown member
Mar 05
Replying to

Absolutely! So much to inspire me alright...can't wait to show you the new series and hopefully you will want to visit Kyoto too. Danielle x

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