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Mum or Mothers Day is all about saying thankyou.

Updated: Mar 8

Want to treat that amazing woman in your life? Mother's Day is a time to celebrate her.

Every year she says "No, really I don't need anything", but the truth is she deserves to be spoilt right?

Picture of thank you note to Mum for Mothers Day.
Thanks Mum!

How I see my own Mum and why she deserves a little spoiling on this special day.

Your biggest supporter and sometimes embarrassing cheer squad. She is there to do your laundry or cook dinner on Sunday, even though you moved out of home, are grown up and quite capable of cooking and looking after yourself.

She isn't up to date with the latest memes and uses emojis too much, but you love her just the same and wouldn't have her any other way.

If anyone knows her well, that would be you. What do you think she would like?

If your Mum loves art or travel or has unique style...welcome to the perfect place to find something she will cherish.

Gift Idea #1

Mum the Travel Lover.

Lady traveller exploring.
Mum the Travel Lover.

A beautiful travel inspired wall print to brighten up her living area. If she has a favourite destination and always wanted a memento of that holiday...

Gift Idea #2

Mum with eclectic fashion sense.

Lady wearing colourful skirt and fun sneakers.
Mum with eclectic fashion sense.

Does your Mum dress "in her own unique way" and has a love for beautiful coloured shoes or bags?

The wearable art range may be right up her alley. All the patterns and colours are inspired by exotic destinations, near and far.

Gift Idea #3

The eco-friendly Mum.

Planet earth in eco-friendly setting
The eco-friendly Mum

Remember all of those birthdays and Christmas presents you received over the years, beautifully wrapped by Mum.

It is probably time you got your gift giving game on, and wrapped her gift in something spectacular.

Take your gift wrapping to the next level with a stunning artistic and travel inspired Furoshiki wrap.

If your Mum is even slightly eco-conscious or tries to be sustainably responsible she will just love this gift idea.

Furoshiki is a gift within a gift...go figure!

See the video tutorials on how to use these beauties.

Guaranteed to impress Mum!!

Liking these gift suggestions?

There are so many beautiful gift ideas here, so explore all of the collections.

And with plenty of time until Mother's Day, you have time to place custom orders that will arrive in time for her special day.

Do check the FAQ's page though for time frames to avoid disappointment.

If you would love some more inspiring ideas or suggestions, don't hesitate to message or comment below.

Have a wonderful day!

Danielle x

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Sep 18, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Excellent products!

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