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How to: Style a fabulous feature wall.

Updated: Mar 8

Did you know feature walls are making a comeback?

To incorporate this statement-making trend, you can begin with an artwork.

Original artworks will always be a focal point and create discussion or become conversation pieces.

You can take it one step further using colour to create a stunning feature wall.

Photo of a wall with artwork.
Feature Wall with painting/artwork.

Feeling like your space is a bit Urgh! A little stale and needs a shakeup?

I know I used to feel that way with my own home.

Full disclosure here...

I was known to change the layout of our home every few months at one stage. Never quite happy with how the furniture sat or the colours of the walls, or how to display my artworks.

My poor suffering husband and children, hahaha!

My problem was I needed a little guidance, an understanding of how colour can change the mood or feel of a room, and how artwork if chosen well makes a boring wall an absolute knockout and conversation starter if you want it to.

After loads of research, I found "that fit".

I can honestly say that our furniture and wall colours have been the same for many years now and we love our home as much as ever.

Our style is meant to be tranquil, relaxed and casual.

The style of our house is based on some of our holiday destinations.

With a love of visiting South-East Asian countries, our home is predominately Indonesian and Vietnamese.

Wall with yellow paint and vietnamese hats.
Vietnamese wall painted yellow our home inspiration.

With dark brown timber, an eclectic mix of off white, fresh green, spicy deep oranges and to top it off mustard yellow.

By today's standard, this is probably pretty adventurous, with most people opting for the off whites that have been trending.

But as lovers of colour, it works well for us.

Two of our feature walls are digital print wallpaper I designed and installed myself.

Grunge mustard yellow background represents the faded yellow walls of the ancient city of Hoi An in Central Vietnam.

On one wall I have put a huge circular Mandala design.

Designed to look like bleached timber with shading so that it looks like it is hanging above our bed, not just a design incorporated into the wallpaper.

Photo of a wooden mandala on a wall.
Mandala wall feature.

We collect items when we travel.

To finish the look we have Vietnamese silk lanterns, Buddha pieces, and incense always burning. (Aromatherapy can transport instantly!!)

And lots of little bits and bobs, that remind us of each place we have visited.

We have been collecting and adding to our style for many years, so it won't happen overnight.

So let's get to the point here, and that is to create your feature wall.

Also named statement or accent wall. It is distinguished from the rest of the room with artwork.

Then you can add contrasting paint, wallpaper or some sort of surface finish to complete the wall.

Choosing your artwork will be your starting point. Pick something that resonates with you, makes you feel an emotion, and is pleasing to you when you view it.

Like my other blog, there are countless reasons why you pick an artwork.

Here are my tips for elevating feature walls with works of art.

Tip #1 - Complimenting your space.

When you select an artwork, find something you love, but do imagine the design in your room.

A bright splash of colour with florals and unicorns could enhance your Boho living room but completely clash with the feel of your Industrial home office.

Create a happy marriage between your wall art and style.

Tip #2 - Canvas artworks?

Canvas artworks come in many shapes and sizes, small medium and super large. Square and rectangular, portrait and horizontal.

Always consider the space you are working with. A huge bare wall with very high ceilings can accommodate a huge artwork.

Square shaped rooms look spectacular with a square canvas.

If you have decided that your feature wall is located at the top of a set of stairs, remember the flow and direction of the stairway.

Keep your artwork in similar dimensions. Preferably with a portrait style artwork that can be hung vertically.

A long portrait style artwork that compliments the width and height of the stairway.

Whichever room and room shape, be mindful of the artwork and its proportions.

Check out my testimonial page.

Our clients have created their feature wall using original canvas artworks:.

One of the canvas artworks I framed for the client with a floating frame to make it more dramatic (Boab).

Tip #3 - Prints and works on art paper?

It may be a little beyond your budget to add an original Monet to your home. You love art and want that wow factor and are not sure how to achieve that same impact.

Think prints!

High quality digital prints reproduced from an original master artwork are much more affordable.

With the opportunity to choose your frame and mountboard, you are not limited at all with colours. You really can create your unique look.

Works on Paper and Digital Prints, the addition of a mountboard to a framed art piece allow it to become the focal point and create a dynamic feature wall.

If you are looking for help with your choice of frame and mountboard. Visit your local professional Picture Framer, who will be able to show you samples of your artwork before you commit.

Tip #4 - Wall colour - your bare canvas.

Okay, you have your artwork, you've hung it up, but...your white walls, the bare canvas, just don't cut it.

Your feature wall is not performing as you imagined.

White, off white or pale colours, can look fabulous with some artworks, other artworks can be just a blob on a wall with no personality.

You have taken into consideration all the tips above, but want to take it to the next level.

Side note: as an Artist, I love and get immense pleasure from painting colourful artwork.

I also really enjoy using charcoal and pen and ink in my artworks. Several of my works are black and white with not a drop of colour anywhere.

So once again, it comes down to personal choice and being a little savvy.

Worried your colourful artwork or your black and white artwork needs more to create an amazing feature wall, do this first.

Take a trip to your local hardware store.

Pick up some paint colour swatches that appeal to you, or would compliment your home, your style, and your artwork.

On a white sheet on the floor, place your artwork and the swatch

This will give you an idea of how it will look when the wall is painted.

The next step

Buy a small sample pot of the colour that most appeals, paint a large piece of paper and repeat the process of laying it on a white sheet on the floor with the artwork.

I mention a white sheet because you don't want any other colour, textures or objects interfering with your art and paint colour.

Photo of paint buckets with brushes.
Buckets of paint samples

A sample pot also prevents you from wasting time, energy and money on a paint colour you may not like. So try a little, before you buy.

The final decision comes down to you. If you are after BOLD, get adventurous and play with your colours.

If you want MINIMALIST, or not too crazy, you can still create an amazing feature wall with a more subdued tone.

For inspiration

See my Originals on Art Paper and Digital Prints page. I have my artwork set up on multiple coloured walls to show how fabulous a painted wall can look.

To learn from the experts scoot over to this website for further tips and tricks:

Go and get adventurous!

These few tips have barely scratched the surface. There are so many ways for homeowners who are looking to go one step further.

To express themselves and reveal their personal aesthetic with their artwork and colour choices.

In future blogs, I'll be diving into Colour Psychology and how it affects your mood and living areas.

Photo of flower with the colour wheel.
Colour wheel on flower

It will be the perfect way to work out what colours you can paint your feature wall to compliment your art and create that feature wall you always dreamed of.

Most importantly...

In the end, make this project yours. There are no set rules when it comes to art and individual style. Own it! Be confident! But most importantly enjoy it!

I also offer a bespoke service and can create an artwork tailored to you. Send me a message via my contact page here

Thanks for reading. I hope this has been informative and given some tips and tricks to your new feature art wall.

Any comments and questions please feel free to drop them in the comment box below. I'd love to chat!

To stay in the loop sign up to my newsletter/email list. You'll receive a lovely welcome discount code, early access to new product and art launches along with great behind the scenes stories before anyone else.

Click here to sign up.

Many hugs,

Danielle x

Images are sourced from Pinterest, Unsplash and Pixabay

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Sep 18, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great tips! Have been thinking about getting a feature wall started, so will be putting your idea of swatches to the test. It's a little bit safer than painting a whole wall and hating it for sure.

Unknown member
Sep 18, 2023
Replying to

Yes definately safer than sorry! Glad I've given you some food for thought. Let me know how you get on with your project. And if you feel up to sharing, send me some pics via social media.

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