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The pivotal moment when I decided to create Travel Art.

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A few years ago, I had an epiphany!

It was July 2019 to be precise and I was living my best life holidaying in sunny Greece. 

Lady standing in front of an archway Mykonos, Greece
Mykonos, Greece July 2019

It was the tail end of the most enjoyable holiday I had ever experienced, travelling with family and friends, and celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.

I was visiting the Mediterranean and experiencing beautiful destinations that had been on my bucket list my whole life. 

Greece, Spain, France to name a few and with some of my family descendants hailing from the Island of Samos in Greece, it was a little like going home. 

With a lifetime spent creating artwork, working in creative industries and a lifelong wish to travel, it all came down to a few minutes in emotional teary moment that decided my artistic future. 

Sounds epic right! 

Picture this little Aussie lady walking up the hill and then about to climb the very steep steps to The Acropolis in Athens, Greece and... bursting into tears.

Lady standing in front of The Acropolis in Greece.
The Acropolis, Athens, Greece July 2019.

The minute I realised that I was finally fulfilling a long-held dream came crashing down on me, and I sobbed for what seemed ages, but was only a moment. Thank goodness, I pulled myself together.  

I still crack up laughing when I think of that moment...the potential for runny nose, red eyes...what a mental picture.

I swallowed my tears, wiped my face and grinned like an idiot with the thoughts flashing through my head before turning to face my family and friends with me that day. 

It was this emotional outburst when I realised, I wanted to celebrate and share those amazing destinations with others, through my artwork. I decided I would create Travel Art.

Who would have known that in a few short months the opportunity to travel and gain inspiration for my art would cease for many years. 

With Covid 19 keeping us all back in our own countries, not travelling, it really was the opportunity to take advantage of the situation and start building the foundations of my business Lotus and Lilly Designs. 

As I was still working due to the nature of my job, my progress took nearly 12 months to get to launch, yes it was slow, but so fulfilling. 

With quite a lot of travel already under my belt, I started deep diving into my travel memories and picked up my charcoal sticks and paints and began working on my first portfolio of works dedicated to travel destinations. 


Portraying special moments, interesting people, snapshots in time and works that I felt would transport the viewer to that moment. 

With a background in Graphic Design and Digital Printing I felt that not all people collect artworks.

And so began my love affair with developing and creating fabulous textile products that would satisfy lovers of exotic destinations in the form of clothing and accessories. 

Not satisfied with mainstream and feeling the urge to encourage people to really explore their own personal style, my designs are quite eclectic, a little outside the box and created so you can,

“Embrace Your Adventurous Spirit!” 

Beautiful designs that encapsulate the vibe or feeling of that destination. Each collection falls into its own category with the intent of taking the wearing or viewer to that far off place. 

In the last two years I have been lucky enough to travel to Singapore, Tasmania, Far North Queensland and now just a few weeks ago, Japan.  

Japan was one destination that I was booked in to visit four years ago.

Four years later and we finally got there. I am now armed with so much inspiration, and have decided to dedicate 2024 to Japan, with multiple collections celebrating this remarkable country. 

I fell hard in love with Japan and all it has to offer as a traveller but more importantly as an Australian Travel Artist. 

All the exciting details about these collections are for a future blog, so stay tuned for those when they drop.

Lady standing on steps in Kyoto, Japan
Gion District, Kyoto, Japan January 2024

If Travelling, fashion and artwork are on your radar, we are a match made in heaven.

Better still, if you love to express yourself through your own personal style...well our friendship will be limitless.

I entice you to come on a trip with me to those exotic destinations. Better still sign up and:

You'll receive preferential treatment such as being in the loop before anyone else for those really important launch dates, new product discounts and sign up discount codes.

And of course friendly not pushy, fun and informative behind the scenes emails.

I hope to see you in the near future. In the meantime head to my website to view existing collections and artworks.

Talk soon,


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Feb 28
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Lovely words.

Unknown member
Feb 28
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Thank you. Glad you enjoyed my story. 😊

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