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A journey of a thousand brush strokes! And why I create Travel Art!

Updated: Mar 8

As a child, I daydreamed about visiting amazing places I read about in National Geographic magazines.

My parents had a great collection and I sat hunched over these magazines for hours at a time.

And before you ask, yes, I am from that vintage where there was no internet and no computers in the home.

Pretty funny really and hard to even comprehend for some of my younger readers, I know.

I was completely reliant on books, newspapers, and television for reference.

I digress though, this blog is not about my age hahaha...

It is all about my love affair with exotic destinations and a need to re-create them.

My favourite National Geographic Magazine.
National Geographic Magazine Best of the World Edition.

My family home as a child was full of books, novels, encyclopedias, and those amazing National Geographic magazines.

I mean seriously who could resist the title on the front cover that reads "Best of the World, our 20 must-see places"?

I was not immune.

In my younger years, I was a complete and utter "bookworm".

Devouring a novel over a weekend as a teenager was not unusual for me.

Life gets busy and I have a lot less time for reading now, but try to whenever I can.

Aside from text, those beautiful books were also full of images, paintings, and photographs which exposed me to a whole new world waiting to be discovered. I was captivated and had a burning desire to go out and see them for myself.

Travelling or creating travel art professionally was not on my radar for many came first!

Like most kids, I was not at an age where I was earning my own money and education was super important.

To satisfy my curiosity and bringing to life those pages in those magazines, I instead started sketching anything that was related to fantastic destinations.

Nothing was off limits!

I clearly remember presenting to my teachers these elaborately drawn school projects with detailed drawings to back up my content written about whatever the topic happened to be.

One of my favourite projects was all about Mother Theresa, the Nun who became a saint.

She dedicated her life to the care of infants in the slum areas of Calcutta. My illustrations, I thought, were so beautiful and full of detail and my backgrounds were so colourful.

My report cards unfortunately (or fortunately) usually read; the artwork is lovely, but Danielle needs to spend more time on her written component.

Always the creative!

In Secondary School, from years 8 to 12, I studied Art and Art History and enjoyed every moment of being able to create.

Studying those past Great Masters of Art, I saw for myself where they originated from, lived, and how their environment inspired them to paint.

I think it was at this time that my travel checklist seriously began.

If you have travelled, do you recall your very first trip?

My first international trip was fairly close to home but still qualified as international and so exotic.

Well it certainly seemed that way for four fresh-faced 20 years old's. Four best friends went on a cruise to the Pacific Islands.

I had been earning my own money, was gainfully employed, and was ready to travel.

It was two weeks of experiencing and seeing so many things for the first time.

For me, it was probably one of the real turning points as far as travel art was concerned...though I wasn't fully aware of that at the time.

I was certainly encouraged to continue travelling and creating memories to treasure.

One memory that I painted in my 40's was from that very first trip.

On the island of Noumea, we visited the Aquarium, where I saw for the first time the Nautilus live and swimming. I'm an animal lover at heart so to see this living fossil was a real treat.

Original artwork Nautilus by Australian Travel Artist Danielle Brown
Nautilus, original artwork by Danielle Brown

Question: Is it just me? Or do you have a super long list of travel destinations too?

Is wanderlust a sickness? I think I have it!

Pretty sure I caught it way back when reading those magazines.

My list of places to visit, to find inspiration for my art continues to grow every year.

Too many probably, but it doesn't hurt anyone to dream right.

Small child excited by the idea of having booked a holiday.
The excitement!

That could be a self portrait above hahaha. Such excitement knowing that adventures are ahead.

I have heard whispers that travel is not everyone's cup of tea!

I fully appreciate that not everyone likes to travel. The comfort of home for some is what they crave and feel most happy when there.

Everyone's circumstances and priorities are different and I get that.

We found that travel has a way of expanding a person, exposing you to different cultures, languages and lifestyles.

Our cups are filled each time we travel. Those experiences make us better people I believe and give us the ability to understand and appreciate those around us in a way we couldn't before.

To see something for the very first time...

As a Travel Artist, I want to share my memories and those 'first time' experiences in artwork with others.

If I can transport someone somewhere with my art or wearable art products and textiles inspired by travel, then I have achieved my purpose.

If that person or someone desires to travel but cannot, I hope my art will make its way to your door one day.

A close family member of mine wishes for nothing more than to travel, but her health prevents it.

She has collected a few of my artworks and says they connect with her and transport her to that exotic destination whenever she views them.

This makes me so happy!

Every piece of art I create is a part of my story.

When each piece is created I dive into memories or experiences to create an unique art piece.

For the viewer of my artworks, I hope it takes you wherever you want to go.

How my art connects with you is very personal, but the one thing that I wish for anyone wanting to purchase one of my pieces, is that it brings you joy.

Did you enjoy this blog? I loved writing it and hope it has given you an insight into the beginning of my creative journey and why travel is integral to my art inspiration.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write them below.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!!

Many hugs,

Danielle x

Want to check out some of my travel inspired artworks for sale?

Click the link here.

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There is something about travel that could inspire you to paint it. I totally get it. Wish I could paint 😂

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